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Seven things we learned from the ‘Purple Rain Deluxe’ liner notes

“The Revolution will be heard,” yells a chorus of voices in “Wonderful Ass,” one of the new songs on Purple Rain Deluxe: Expanded Edition. They were indeed; Revolution members guitarist Wendy Melvoin, keyboardist Lisa Coleman, bassist BrownMark, keyboardist Dr. Fink, and drummer Bobby Z backed up Prince during his most commercially successful period, from about 1983-86. […]

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‘Twin Peaks’ episode 10 recap: Intimate violence

Maybe Agent Cooper is better off in his stupefied “Dougie” state. He’s a publicly celebrated hero, he’s winning points with the boss, and the spark is back in his marriage. Meanwhile, all of the supposedly lucid men and women around him are being drawn into a tightening web spun by the evil Mr. C. Episode […]

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‘Twin Peaks’ episode nine recap: Ground control to Major Briggs

If the last, infamously far-out, episode of Twin Peaks: The Return left you craving some plot development, last night’s installment had you covered and then some. In an hourlong storm of plot threads, just about every notable character got some attention. It’s been an elliptical season, but the characters’ central task is coming into focus. They need to […]

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‘Twin Peaks’ episode seven recap: The dark side of the river

That’s not Cooper. Well, we already knew that, but now we have confirmation from Diane Evans (Laura Dern) herself. We also learn that the doppelgänger’s fingerprints are backwards, as evidenced by the fact that they fail to line up as the first letters of the proper greeting that Gordon (David Lynch) referred to earlier: “I’m very, […]

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What it’s like to take a belly-dancing class from Mayte Garcia

Mayte Garcia recently published a book titled The Most Beautiful, detailing the intense relationship that she had with Prince. (The two were married from 1996 to 2000.) Mayte has a special importance for Prince fans. She was close to him throughout some of his most prolific years, sharing a rare intimacy, especially given his enigmatic nature. When she […]

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‘Twin Peaks’ recap: Diane! and Sharon Van Etten

It was the briefest of scenes, but it was long enough to let Twin Peaks fans know their dreams had come true: for the first time in the history of the franchise, we got a look at Diane Evans, the assistant Agent Cooper dictated his notes to for the first two seasons. And she’s played by — […]

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