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Rock and roll is alive, and it lives in Minneapolis

I kept waiting for the tears to fall. Which is typical for a wake, I suppose, even one that’s being held a year after someone has passed away. There is a tendency to steel yourself until just the right moment, to try to hold it together in the face of unpredictable emotional ebbs and flows, […]

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Five reasons Prince was a guitar legend

Prince has been called one of the greatest guitar players of all time — even the greatest. Yet, oddly enough, it seems like he’s been on fewer guitar magazine covers than Dave Mustaine, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Mark Tremonti (no disrespect). So much of what people focused on was the mystique of Prince as a performer, singer, […]

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Prince’s B-side strategy

We all know Purple Rain is godhead, right? And yet, I’d argue that the two best Prince songs of 1984 aren’t even on it. Instead, they were released on the B-sides of that album’s pair of number one hits. In fact, the first released, on the flip side of “When Doves Cry,” the lustrous “17 […]

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The Textile Center’s latest exhibition is cut from a Princely cloth

Prince fans are traveling from far and wide this week to commemorate the anniversary of their loved one’s death. Many will attend Celebration at Paisley Park; more will explore Prince’s hometown, Chanhassen; droves will party at First Avenue. Some travelers will visit a place unknown to many locals, a so-called hidden gem of Minneapolis: the Textile Center, which is currently presenting a Prince-centric […]

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Paisley Park opens new Prince memorial fence and Lovesexy Room

In the wake of Prince’s death last April 21, fans from around the world made their way to Paisley Park to pay their respects — in many cases, with notes and memorials they affixed to the fence surrounding Prince’s Chanhassen studio. Paisley Park collected those items and brought them into its permanent collection, and when the […]

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Twin Peaks at SXSW: Music and TV fans meet on Rainey Street

Mysterious music has always been integral to the strange appeal of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Composer Angelo Badalamenti and vocalist Julee Cruise were as critical to establishing the tone of the 1990-91 TV series as was the Pacific Northwest setting and the actors’ deadpan delivery. It made sense, then, that Showtime would aim to make a […]

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