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Minnesota meets Manitoba at the 7th Street Entry

“Check it out,” Sean McManus said from the Entry stage — and normally, there’d be nothing special about that. But this phrase had a particular ring to it. When McManus said “out,” the word sounded more flat than the typical Midwest pronunciation. Along with a few of his colleagues and half of the night’s bands, he hails from […]

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Photos: Minnesota State Fair celebrates Prince

The Minnesota State Fair isn’t where I expected to have a reflective, rejuvenating, low-key experience — let alone one involving a bunch of Minnesotans decked in purple and dancing to pounding beats. Last night the masses descended per usual upon the fairgrounds on a gorgeous, hazy Friday. The weather was cool enough to wear a […]

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Review and photos: The Local Show’s Artists to Watch

The Twin Cities enjoyed a bounty of concerts on Saturday night. Metallica rocked U.S. Bank Stadium; Wilco played Hall’s Island; Har Mar Superstar, Flume, Square Lake Music & Film Festival, and a half dozen other shows went down all over the metro. The Cedar, though, had an edge (plus written support from U.S. Representative Keith Ellison; read his letter […]

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Recap and photos: Variety wins the first day of Eaux Claires

It’s been a smooth first day at Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival, the sequel to last year’s premier Eaux Claires (a.k.a. the renaissance of Bon Iver). The lines have been short, the water has been plentiful, and the music has been incredible. All day long, I sampled songs around the festival, picking up pieces of sets here and there before moving along. […]

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A look inside the ‘Purple Rain’ house in Minneapolis

Less than a year before his death, Prince bought the house that appeared in exterior shots in his iconic film Purple Rain. The Minneapolis house was placed on the market in 2015 for an asking price of $110,000, with the seller cautioning that the house was in need of very significant repairs. The purchase happened quickly, but […]

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