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Celebrating the women of the Klituation

New Year’s Eve is only a few days away, but with the overload of celebrity deaths, tumultuous political climate, and the recent holidays, many have already started reflecting on the last year. If your 2016 needed more dancing, celebration, and art from incredible women — and whose didn’t? — it’s not too late to end […]

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All the Prince memorial performers, from most obvious to least obvious

If there was one trait that most Prince shows shared — aside from musical brilliance — it was unpredictability. After the initial shock of the Xcel Energy Center tribute show line-up wore off, then, it felt almost natural to see a few puzzling names. Some recoiled at John Mayer, and Christina Aguilera’s pick mystified most (update: Mayer, Aguilera, and Anita […]

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Preview: Eaux Claires 2016

Camping and/or dorm supplies stowed in your car? Directions to Foster Farm pulled up on your phone? Bruce Hornsby cassette loaded in the tape deck? Okay, you might be saving all the preparation for the last minute. But that’s what this final pre-festival day is for, right? We’re talking about Eaux Claires 2016, the second […]

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Preview: Hazelfest 2016 features Cloud Cult and Hippo Campus

Ask music makers, aficionados, or any guest on The O.K. Show, and they’ll tell you: Music can heal. This weekend, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation celebrates both music and healing with its fourth annual HazelFest, a one-day concert featuring musicians from around Minnesota. Located in Center City, Minn., Hazelden is a hub for recovery, seeking to help people who’ve struggled […]

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