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Local musicians sing the ballad of the opening band

Today, P.O.S can sell out a show at First Avenue’s Mainroom. In 2004, though, when he’d just signed to Rhymesayers, he toured as an opener for St. Paul hip-hop group Heiruspecs. “We were playing a really poorly attended show in Cleveland on the first night of the tour,” remembers Heiruspecs bassist Sean McPherson. “Stef [P.O.S] […]

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Heiruspecs sizzle with “theskyisfalling” at the Palace Theatre

If St. Paul greats are what you’re seeking, you’ve come to the right place. The storied Palace Theatre is set for an open house this Friday from 11:30-1:30 p.m. — complete with a mayoral welcome and a surprise musical guest — and local rap cornerstones Heiruspecs are celebrating a new EP called theskyisfalling as well as their […]

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Why I love the Roots, by Midway Felix of Heiruspecs

I was introduced to the Roots shortly after their second record Do You Want More?!!!??! came out. I had just met and started working informally with the first members of my band Heiruspecs. This record sounded very different than us, but did perfectly what we wanted to do early on: be really good, and have […]

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