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Morris Day – and Judith Hill – remind Paisley Park what Time it is

Friday night’s show at Paisley Park felt like a family reunion — even if the family’s most famous member, and the host of the gathering, kept himself discreetly tucked out of sight. (Some concertgoers did spot Prince, though I didn’t.) “We go too far back with Prince,” mused Morris Day from onstage. “Too many memories.” Thanking his host, he […]

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Morris Day and the Time to play Paisley Park on Friday

Hot on the heels of a “gala weekend” featuring his first-ever solo piano performances as well as a Larry Graham show and a dance party, Prince is opening the doors of Paisley Park to his onscreen arch-rivals Morris Day and the Time. Though Prince himself is not on the bill, the show represents a reunion for Prince […]

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Prince says he’ll play with Judith Hill at Paisley Park tonight

Prince remains firmly committed to supporting the career of Judith Hill, a singer he discovered when she told a European magazine she wanted to work with him. Hill’s dream came true: earlier this year, an album produced by Prince and recorded at Paisley Park was released in an unusual cascade that started with a free […]

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