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Friday Five: Mark Mallman, Atmosphere, and more new Minnesota music videos

Mark Mallman, “The End Is Not The End” Following in his creative video-making tradition (see: “Terrified” and “It’s Good To Be Alive”), Mark Mallman plays with images using Prisma, a photo-animating app. The video jumps into the in between, showing people in dreams both individual and somehow shared. It’s split-screen; it’s “both and”; it’s questioning — and it urgently defies any typical narrative arc. As Mallman […]

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Friday Five: Good Luck Finding Iris, Boys Noize featuring Poliça, and more Minnesota music videos

Good Luck Finding Iris, “Color Me” Good Luck Finding Iris, a bossa nova-tinged pop quartet, showcase their song “Color Me” with a mysterious new video. Along with two other bands signed to Subaquatic Records (PTSTD and Nomenclatures), plus headliners Tony Peachka, Good Luck Finding Iris will play a “pre-release party” at the Triple Rock Social Club […]

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What does it mean to be a ‘local musician’?

When we talk about music being local, should that even matter? Is it possible to be a band from nowhere? Is the guy that plays a bucket poorly with one drumstick a local band? It’s all quite absurd, this labeling of music. Music does not label itself. Music can only be music. Is it better […]

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