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Dave King gets his own documentary

There’s a running joke in the Twin Cities music community that omnipresent drummer Dave King is in more bands than there are hours in a day. How does he do it? Stunt doubles? An ongoing series of small naps instead full nights of sleep a la Leonardo da Vinci? A new documentary intends to find out.

King for Two Days is a new film directed by budding young filmmaker Noah Hutton, the son of Hollywood movie stars Timothy Hutton and Debra Winger, who followed King on his quest to perform with five separate acts over two nights at the Walker Art Center in early 2010. The film features performances by the Bad Plus, Happy Apple, Buffalo Collision, Golden Valley is Now, and the Dave King Trucking Company interwoven with rehearsal footage and interviews. “A world emerges where the concept of the band is held above the need for individual showmanship,” promises the film’s website.

The documentary was accepted into Missoula, Montana’s Blue Sky Documentary Film Festival, and will premiere there next month. For now, you can watch a trailer that features king and saxophonist Michael Lewis (Happy Apple, Bon Iver), below.