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Eyedea memorialized in new song from C-Rayz Walz

Credit: Chuck Olsen/MPR

In the year and a half since Micheal Larsen’s passing, many actions have been taken to celebrate a life that was tragically cut short. Tribute shows have been held, memorials have been created, and Larsen’s mother, Kathy Averill, has continued to release his music and art posthumously. But few have summazired Larsen’s life in song quite as intimately as Bronx rapper C-Rayz Walz, whose new single “Blvck Rosaries (Celebrate)” mourns his passing and riffs on his ongoing impact in the hip-hop community.

With the repeated hook, “You can live every second of the day having fun/Or you can be pissed, never get anything done/You can celebrate life, or you can mourn death/I’d rather celebrate, ’cause in our hearts you never left,” C-Rayz Walz and guest Freddie Bunz take turns trading stories about Eyedea, going back to the first time Walz saw him perform in 2000. They both have a tremendous amount of respect for Larsen and manage to namecheck all of his side projects (Carbon Carousel, Oliver Hart, etc.) along with some Twin Cities landmarks in this touching tribute.

Watch the video for “Blvck Rosaries (Celebrate)” below, which prompted Brother Ali to tweet, “Goosebumps and tears. The brother @C_RAYZ_WALZ pays tribute to our dear friend Eyedea. Man, Mikey loved this dude.”