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Friday Five: Pert Near Sandstone storm the Cedar, and Bon Iver ruins everything

Photo courtesy Pert Near Sandstone

The entire staff here at the Current has turned localvore as we head into tonight and tomorrow night’s sold-out 7th birthday parties at First Avenue — but those stacked lineups of local acts aren’t the only things to rock the Minnesota music scene this week. Here’s a look at five items that caught my eye:

1. Bon Iver ruins everything

Ok, not really. But the three multi-tasking members of Alpha Consumer — Jeremy Ylvisaker of Andrew Bird, The Cloak Ox, and Gramma’s Boyfriend fame; J.T. Bates of the Pines, Fat Kid Wednesdays, and many more combos and groups, and Michael Lewis of Happy Apple, Andrew Bird — poke fun at the difficulty they have at scheduling shows now that Lewis is a permanent member of Bon Iver’s live band. Sometime between Bon Iver’s appearances on Saturday Night Live and the Grammys next month, they found time to schedule a “Making Music” talk and performance at the Whole Music Club on February 16.


2. NPR shines a spotlight on Poliça

Just in time for their headlining gig at First Avenue tomorrow night (where they will play again on February 14 for their CD-release show), Poliça got a nice look from NPR as part of their new video-heavy series. The featured video includes footage of the band performing here in the Current studios and being interviewed by Mark Wheat, as captured by MPR staff photographer Nate Ryan.


3. Still Pacific debut fantastical new video

If you’re tuned into the local music blogosphere you may have noticed Still Pacific’s name popping up all over the place this week, and for good reason — the new band, made up of former members of the Psychedelicates and current Blue Sky Blackout bassist Tim Ritter, already has some promising tracks under its belt. Check out their fairy tale-inspired music video for “Mine for the Time” below, and see them live at Cause on February 11.


4. Get Gone turn it up on new single “Metal Pig”

Fans of singer-songwriter John Swardson are in for a bit of a surprise with new single “Metal Pig” from his rock band Get Gone. Though he’s always had a bluesy edge, he and the band turn it up to 11 on gritty new single “Metal Pig,” and it makes me curious about their new album, Dogs in the Woods, which is due out this spring.


5. Pert Near Sandstone play two back-to-back nights at the Cedar

As anyone who was at Charlie Parr’s packed show at the Cedar a few weeks back can attest, the community rec-room vibe of the West Bank venue is the ideal spot to take in roots and bluegrass acts. Foot-stomping fans are in for a treat this weekend as Pert Near Sandstone plays two consecutive nights at the Cedar, tonight with Colorado’s Head for the Hills and tomorrow night with Chicago’s Henhouse Prowlers. Check the Cedar’s site for more info and tickets, and whet your appetite with a recent “City of Music” video featuring the band (and a cameo from Mark Mallman) below.