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Gramma’s Boyfriend releasing new 7″ on Kings of Leon’s label

Credit: Video still by Dan Huiting

In one hefty co-sign, the Kings of Leon-owned imprint Serpents & Snakes will release a limited run of the new 7″ from Minneapolis rock group Gramma’s Boyfriend this spring. Readers will likely recognize Gramma’s Boyfriend as the side project of folk-pop songwriter Haley Bonar, who takes on a much more aggressive persona to howl and yelp her way through the punk and electro jams crafted by her dextrous collaborators Jeremy Ylvisaker (The Cloak Ox, Andrew Bird), Jacob Hanson (Halloween, Alaska), Luke Anderson (Rogue Valley), and Michael Lewis (Happy Apple, Andrew Bird, Bon Iver).

Within a year of landing on the scene, Gramma’s Boyfriend placed among the top 10 in the latest City Pages Picked to Click poll, and will perform next Wednesday in the Mainroom as part of the Best New Bands show. They already have one album, The Human Eye, under their belts, and report that they have finished the basic tracks for their untitled follow-up record.

Kings of Leon previously used their imprint to champion Tennessee indie rockers the Features, whose first Serpents & Snakes album Some Kind of Salvation came out in 2009. The Features also released a new album, Wilderness, on the imprint last year.