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New Doomtree video: “Bangarang”

With only a few days to go before they hit the road for a massive two-month tour, Doomtree dropped a new video today for their No Kings track “Bangarang.” The video features the crew and pals like Har Mar Superstar and Spyder Baybie Raw Dog hanging out in a karaoke studio while their track plays.

Not to spoil the ending, but as you might have guessed, Har Mar’s clothing refuses to stay on for the full four minutes.

The video was premiered by Vice magazine, who wrote a predictably snarky and dismissive post about the crew and joked that the only reason they are debuting the video is because they are friends with Doomtree’s publicist. Way to keep it classy, Vice. Doomtree deserve better than that, don’t they?