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Brother Ali releasing free EP this Monday, sample a new track now

If you took Brother Ali’s lyrics to new song “Writer’s Block” seriously, you might think that new material would be slow to arrive. But Ali is proving just the opposite; in the past month he’s followed up “Writer’s Block” with a new single, “Sweet (Potato Pie),” and just today he sent over another new track, “Shine On,” with news that it would be one of seven tracks on a free EP that’s dropping Monday. All of which is being released in advance of his next studio full-length record, Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color, due out later this year.

Get all that? Good.

The free EP The Bite Marked Heart will be released Monday morning and feature production work from both Ant (who has worked with Ali on his previous records) and Jake One (who produced “Writer’s Block” and “Sweet (Potato Pie)”). For now you can watch the video for “Shine On” below and download it for free via Rhymesayers.

Check Ali’s Facebook page on Monday morning for more info on the free EP.