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Current Birthday Bash transformed into dreamy love letter to the scene

Credit: Nate Ryan/MPR

If a picture is supposedly worth a thousand words, then this video is worth at least a million. Forget all those pesky adjectives and metaphors; Twin Cities videographer Ron Johnson (who by day works for news outlet Fox 9) gets the job done and recaps his experience at the Current Birthday Party in a mere two and a half minutes. Johnson attended Saturday night’s show with Poliça, Suicide Commandos, Sims, and Haley Bonar, and found himself swept up in the energy of the night.

His document of the evening (with additional camera work from Pete Gudmundson and Daniel Abellera) is one of the more heartfelt pieces of music journalism to cross my desk in recent months — but as Johnson reminds us repeatedly throughout the film, “THIS IS NOT A NEWS PIECE.” No, it’s much more.

Another Love Letter. from Ron Johnson on Vimeo.