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Friday Five: M.anifest checks from Ghana, the Pines fly high, and more

It was a big week for music video releases in Minnesota. While the Friday Five isn’t solely dedicated to posting music videos, there were so many to choose from this time around that it was hard to narrow it down to just five items. Here’s a look at what caught our eye this week:

1. Buildings filmed from every angle

Videographer Joseph Gaskill captures Buildings over the course of seven months, filming the band from different perspectives each time they performed the song “Noxema Gurl.” The band’s latest release Melt, Cry, Sleep is out now, and the vinyl edition will be celebrated at Cause on Friday, February 17.


2. MaLLy debuts new track

We’re still waiting on word about MaLLy’s next full-length album, which is due out later this year, but his new single “Future’s Classic” is helping to tide us over for the time being. The buzzing rapper, who is joining Atmosphere on tour later this month, debuted the new song on Prefix this week. Stream or download it below.


3. The Pines, the Pines, the Pines

It was a big release week for the Pines, who have expanded from a mostly folk-based duo into a sprawling seven-piece roots band for their latest Red House Records release Dark So Gold. In addition to performing in the Current studios and at the Electric Fetus on release day, they also released a beautifully composed music video for the song “Cry, Cry, Crow.” It was written and directed by Andre Durand and produced by Daniel Cummings, who were also on the team that created Bon Iver’s video “Calgary.”


4. M.anifest builds a bridge between Minnesota and Ghana

M.anifest has been splitting his time pretty evenly between two homebases, the Twin Cities and Madina, Ghana, these days, and his latest video captures that duality quite succinctly. Alternating between rapping in English and Twi, M.anifest takes us on a tour through Madina and Ghana’s capitol, Accra. The song’s title, “Makaa Maka,” loosely translates from Twi as “If I said it I said it” or “I say it without apology.”


5. I, Colossus give their love away

Another in a series of promo videos for The Best Love is Free compilation (we featured Kristoff Krane’s contribution in this space a few weeks back), I, Colussus head into the basement to perform their eerie single “Radio Silence.” The compilation will be released Feburary 11 at the Fine Line.