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Local Radar: Enola Gay, Wiping Out Thousands and more

A new weekly feature on the blog will be a highlight of bands that the local team at The Current is spinning heavily at their desks. You’ll be able to preview a track from each as well as hear them on The Local Show and Local Current.

Enola Gay
Anything called “Enola Gay” will automatically spark my attention — I mean, that OMD song was my jam in high-school (yes, I’m young apparently). So when this band emerged not too long ago, it came as a major surprise to see it was basically the new project of Chelsea Boys; they gained some favorable attention in the Twin Cities the past few years with their cathartic party jams. Enola Gay takes a rhythm and explores it, molding the hypnosis to a point where everything comes crashing into sync with one another.

Wiping Out Thousands
On the heels of an opening performance for YACHT at the Entry which made everyone… well, forget YACHT was even headlining, Wiping Out Thousands is now the subject of extensive local music watercooler talk this week. Their new album Reaction Machine is a great experiment in electro-pop, bolstered by the vocals of Alaine Dickman who studies vocal performance at McNally Smith (she doesn’t need to by the way). Their live show was entrancing to the point that many have started to claim that we are in the midst of an electronic/soul/funk/(whatever-you-want-to-call-it) revolution. Either way, we’re really liking this.

A. Wolf & Her Claws
One of our most underrated songwriters, watching Aby Wolf perform is always better than dishing out a few hundred bucks to see someone really famous roll through town and then subsequently bomb up on stage. With Aby, you are always guaranteed a spot-on performance; she doesn’t even disappoint in her new music video. With a band that has worked with Dessa, Doomtree, Dark Dark Dark, Rogue Valley, Mystery Palace, The Alpha Centauri — you get the point — we expect big things on the horizon for her and the team. It’s about time that Aby Wolf gets her much-deserved chance to shine.

What Tyrants

Here’s our weekly dose of that album that comes through The Current’s mail from a band many have never heard of, and we find ourselves wondering, “Why not?” This mash-up of classic blues and lo-fi rock is indicative of a less rambunctious Black Keys, but it certainly manages to get your body grooving. The one-sheet of information that came with the album is adorned with Jedi stickers, so I really had no idea what to expect besides images of Yoda playing a piano. “Keeping Up” isn’t fast by any means as the title would suggest; the song instead takes its time to reach an appropriate conclusion with a well-executed jam session at the end. Debut album Kill The Cat is out March 29, and they’ll play a show at the 400 Bar that night in support of it.