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Slim Dunlap hospitalized after suffering stroke

Former Replacements guitarist and beloved singer-songwriter Bob “Slim” Dunlap is in the hospital this week recovering from a serious stroke, which he suffered on Monday morning. According to his wife, Chrissie, he was admitted to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at HCMC after suffering “a right middle cerebral artery stroke.”

“He then fell and hit his head, resulting in a left vertebral artery dissection and a right subarachnoid hemmorrhage,” she writes. “The good news is that he is sharp and aware, his speech is fine, and all of the nurses and doctors have commented on his unique sense of humor. The bad news is that he cannot move the right side of his body and will be in for some serious rehab.”

Dunlap performed with the Replacements from 1987 until their breakup in 1991, filling in for guitarist Bob Stinson after he left the group, and went on to release two solo albums, The Old New Me and Time Like This. The title track for the latter release is serving as a bittersweet comfort for friends and fans reeling from the news of his illness this week.

As soon as Dunlap’s wife posted about his condition on Facebook, local roots and rock musicians began posting their well wishes and tributes to Slim, who is still an integral part of the community and regularly performs at places like Palmer’s and the Turf Club. “Yes, so much love and concern out there for Slim,” writes Chrissie, who gave me a brief update on his status last night. “He is resting comfortably tonight and there is no news. It will be a long and difficult recovery and we do not know how long, or how much he will recover. Thank you for your love and concern.”