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Song of the Day: Vicious Vicious

Credit: Photo courtesy of the band

This Friday’s Song of the Day comes from local band Vicious Vicious, who have just released their newest self-titled album, the fourth one for the trio and their first in five years. You will probably recognize the guys behind the music: Erik Appelwick fronts the effort when not playing with Tapes ‘n Tapes, Martin Dosh commands the drums, and James Buckley lends his talent to bass. Between them, they count membership and collaboration with many well-respected Minnesota bands as well as national acts, from Andrew Bird to The Hopefuls, Mystery Palace and Fog.

The new album is a gorgeous departure from a distinctive earlier sound they became known for. As discussed in their interview with Mary Lucia (for an in-studio session airing on The Local Show Sunday night), Vicious Vicious whittled down over 30 songs to just 11 tracks, basically dividing each cut into a specific sound category: old Vicious Vicious and a more layered, experimental Vicious Vicious. Ultimately, the guys wanted to try something more challenging, and the result is the record we hold in our hands today, a collection of emotional statements about “stepping out and falling in love and getting all kinds of messed up” as they describe on their website.

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