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Song of the Day: Zoo Animal

Credit: Photo by Janell Marie

This Friday’s Song of the Day comes from local band Zoo Animal who released their new Departure EP a few weeks ago. Fronted by the enigmatic Holly Newsom, and currently joined by a rotating cast of regional musicians, this new release is, as noted by the title, a departure from the earlier sound that Newsom and her previous bandmates explored over the past five years.

Zoo Animal has often thrilled live audiences with stunning rock numbers that have the ability to fill a venue to sonic capacity. This go-around, the songs are more reserved, the result of Newsom exploring compositions more rooted in observation than philosophy. The marked change would be suspicious to some at first — even Newsom was unsure of the reaction this EP would get. However, as with everything Zoo Animal churns out, this short collection of tracks are some of the most mature, sparse (and yet filling), and beautiful we’ve heard come out of a local band in recent memory.

Download “The Too Men” from our Song of the Day page and subscribe to the podcast while you’re at it. Zoo Animal will be the guest performer on this Sunday night’s edition of The Local Show starting at 6 p.m. CST.