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The Cloak Ox hosting ‘old-school Kickstarter’ for new record

Credit: Publicity photo

With so many artists turning to Kickstarter these days to fund their upcoming projects, the Cloak Ox have decided to try doing things the old fashioned way. Their upcoming show at Nick and Eddie, billed as an “old-school Kickstarter,” is being presented with the express purpose of raising money for the upcoming record, and they’re asking fans to kick in a little extra at the door to help out.

“We are knee-deep into recording a full-length album. So far, it’s going really great,” says frontman Andrew Broder, who describes the record as “at least three-fourths as good as anything R.E.M. made after 1990.” He continues, “We are supremely excited about where our music is going and we feel like we’re doing something that ought to be heard. I wouldn’t waste my time or anyone else’s if I didn’t believe that. However, artistic ambitions and creative progress aren’t always in perfect harmony with harsh financial realities: we need money to pay for this sh*t.”

The band is asking for a minumum $7 cover at the door (paying more is “strongly encouraged”), and in exchange attendees will receive a free download card for an unreleased song, not to mention live sets from the Cloak Ox, Red Pens, and impressionistic electro group Father You See Queen. Limited-edition posters by LandLand will also be for sale. More info on tomorrow night’s show on Facebook.