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The Pinch unites members of the Short Fuses, Divebomb Honey

Credit: Stacy Schwartz

There’s a new jam on the playlist of our Local Current stream this week that’s caught my ear: “Wanna Gotta Gonna” from new band the Pinch. The band’s tightly bound, hooky punk songs seem to polished for a brand new act — so it wasn’t too surprising when I learned that the group is comprised of four scene vets, including Miss Georgia Peach (Georgia Conley Ramin) of the Short Fuses and Sheela Namakkal of the Divebomb Honey.

To find out more about the Pinch, we sent over some questions and the band filled them out as a group during a practice session for this Saturday’s “Girls’ Night Out” bash at the Amsterdam Bar & Hall.

Let’s take a roll call. I know you guys have been in all kinds of bands; who’s who, and what groups have we seen you with before?

Georgia sings and plays guitar, and she played in Speedway, The Short Fuses, and Bluebird. Sheela sings and plays keyboard, and was in The Divebomb Honey. Francis [Jimenez-Kloeckl] plays bass and plays in Yokena Fox and Strange Names. Matt [Castore] plays drums and and currently plays in Condominium.

How did the Pinch come together?

Sheela and Georgia ran into each other at the shoe store and got to talking about how neither of them were playing in a band, so they decided to get together and play. Matt had played with Georgia in a few other projects so they brought him in on drums. Sheela and Francis were tubing down the river together and decided he would complete the line up.

Who is responsible for the songwriting (or is it a collaborative effort)?

We have all written songs and contributed to the process. Usually someone comes with an idea and we all help piece it together.

What’s the plan for the new tunes? Do you have an EP or album release on the horizon?

We’re putting the finishing touches on the recording right now, and we’ll be shopping around to some label friends.

If the Pinch was a wild animal, what kind of glorious creature would you be?

A cross between Matt’s miniature pinscher and a lobster, in space. 

Tell me about Girls’ Night Out. What can we expect from Saturday night at the Amsterdam?

It’s going to be a lot of fun!  It will be a great showcase of female talent here in the music scene – all the voices you hear will be women, including the DJ sets by Girl Germs.