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Friday Five: Dessa on the Daily Circuit, Retribution Gospel Choir’s free EP, and more

Happy Friday, party people! Before we head into this jam-packed weekend of local shows, let’s take a moment to enjoy some of the finer things to emerge in Minnesota music this week:

1. Retribution Gospel Choir give away their new EP

With little warning on fanfare, Alan Sparhawk of Low’s side project Retribution Gospel Choir unveiled a new EP this week, and their label, Sub Pop, is giving away the entire thing for free. Check out the title track, “The Revolution,” for a jolt to the senses. Is it just me, or is Sparhawk channeling a little Andrew Broder in his vocal delivery on that song?


2. Alex Frecon needs your help

Actually, Alex seems to be doing just fine on his own — but this track, “Help Me Out,” off last year’s EP The Hedgehog Dilemma, is a nice introduction to a talented Minneapolis MC who is flying completely under the radar in this town. Plus this video was filmed during the summertime, so think of it as your daily dose of Vitamin E.


3. The Honeydogs do a time-warp for “Aubben” video

The Honeydogs are SO HOT RIGHT NOW. Not only were they in The Current studios this week to record a session with Bill DeVille (which airs Saturday, March 10, at noon), but their entire new album, What Comes After, has been streaming on Paste this week. To celebrate the lead-up to next week’s CD release, check out this retromaniacal video for their single “Aubben.”


4. Dessa talks ethics on MPR and in the Strib

Professor Darling is in the house. In advance of tonight’s speaking engagement at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, Dessa penned a commentary essay on ethics in hip-hop for today’s edition of the Star Tribune and appeared on a roundtable on this morning’s Daily Circuit to discuss the issue further. It was a fascinating conversation, and you can download an MP3 of that roundtable with additional guests MPR Newscut’s Bob Collins and MinnPost’s Britt Robson here or stream it below.


5. Sevateem show us their “City”

Sevateem is the DIY home recording project of former Astronaut Wife cohorts Christian Erickson and Janey Winterbauer, and though they only have two tracks to their name so far, it’s a project that’s caught the attention of the local blogosphere (not to mention Current DJ Mary Lucia, who is a fan). Watch their ominous video for “City” below.