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Friday Five: Elite Gymnastics tour with Sleigh Bells, Justin Vernon launches new label, and more

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We have a lot of catching up to do. After taking a week off to soak up the sounds of SXSW, we’re back in the saddle this week with an all-new Friday Five that rounds up some of the best music videos, songs, and news items you may have missed.

1. Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon launches new label

It’s been buzzed about for a while, but this week Justin Vernon made it official: He’s opening the doors for his new record label, Chigliak. The first release will be from locally popular but otherwise obscure Eau Claire band Amateur Love. “What Amateur Love means to the history of Eau Claire music is representative of everything we set out to illuminate with this record label,” Vernon writes, calling the group “the most popular band this town has ever known, and for good reason. It is not in our estimation that the re-issuing of It’s All Aquatic will project the band into that great popularity. No, we just hope to give the music a further chance to live on… for those who adored and those who never had the chance.”

Of special interest to Minnesota music fans is that the label also plans to release an out-of-print record from Minneapolis cult favorites 12 Rods; no word yet on when that will be released. The Amateur Love reprint is due out May 22, and you can sample one of the tracks below.


2. Elite Gymnastics announce tour with Sleigh Bells

Minneapolis electronic duo Elite Gymnastics have their work cut out for them — despite the fact that they’ve yet to be prove themselves as a reliable live act here in the Twin Cities, they will head out on the road next month to tour as an opening act for Sleigh Bells. It’s a high-profile gig, to be sure, and one that could make or break the band that has achieved much of their success digitally. In other news, they just released a new song and video recently; check out their remix of Korallreven’s “Sa Sa Samoa” here.


3. Wiping Out Thousands debut new video 

Last month, duo Alaine Dickman and Taylor Nelson made quite a strong impression at their second show ever when they opened for YACHT. For more on the band, they’ve offered up a new single and video, “Mass Nerve,” for consumption below. Catch them live on Radio K this afternoon at 3pm, and tomorrow night at Hell’s Kitchen.


4. T.Q.D. shows his “Infancy”

You may remember T.Q.D., aka Bloomgton rapper The Quiet Dude, from a Q&A we did back in January. We also featured his track “Infancy” on the Local Current stream recently, and now you can check out a video that was made to accompany that track.


5. Free mixtape Sound of the City Vol. 7 debuts

In an ongoing effort to showcase local hip-hop talent, Big Ten Entertainment and 4Seen Magazine have released their seventh in a series of free mixtapes, the latest featuring contributions from I Self Divine, Franz Diego, Meta, Bobby Raps, and more. Stream the whole thing for below, or download it for free here.