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Friday Five: The Jayhawks go gospel, MaLLy preps for CD-release, and more

Did you know that watching music videos makes your workday go by at least 56.3% times faster? It’s true, I looked it up. Here’s a collection of cool videos and local notes to get you careening into the weekend: 

1. The Jayhawks get arty with new video

In a piecemeal, sometimes impressionistic music video shot by local photographer Steve Cohen, the Jayhawks have released a live recording of their cover of the gospel tune “Up Above My Head,” which also features folk duo KaiserCartel on backing vocals. Pretty!


2. MaLLy unveils first single off new full-length

At long last, the much-anticipated new release from MaLLy, The Last Great…, has a release date. After a long string of “Free on the 15th” releases with his partner in crime The Sundance Kid, rapper MaLLy dropped his first official single off the new album and the details for his CD-release show, which is happening May 18 at the Entry with support from The Tribe and Big Cats!, 925ve, and DJ Jimmy2Times. Stream the new track, “Shine,” below. 


3. With a Gun for a Face get bloodied up by science

Here’s a band putting a very precise, almost operatic spin on heavy rock, complete with a bloody, bandaged music video to back it up. City Pages calls it “glam-core punk,” while the band refers to their own music as “dumb-progressive.” See what other hyphenated terms you can come up with by watching below, and check ’em out live tonight at the Kitty Cat Klub at their CD-release show.


4. Phantom Tails channel Bowie

I’ll admit, the newest Phantom Tails EP, The Armageddon Experience, hasn’t really been doing it for me — the synths are too tinny and neon-sounding, becoming grating after just a few minutes. But now that I’m listening to “Young Rapture” again, it’s starting to grow on me. The Bowie-in-Labrynth crystal ball helps, too. In other Phantom Tails news, they just announced a tour.


5. Wait, what? Vanilla Ice is in town

This one isn’t local, per se, but it’s happening in town tonight: Vanilla Ice will be performing during halftime at the Timberwolves game. Yes, really. To get you in the spirit, here’s a recent video of Mr. Ice lip syncing and ice skating to “Ice Ice Baby” on a show called Dancing on Ice, which is apparently a thing that exists.