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Song of the Day: Chastity Brown

When a fan of Chastity Brown hears “After You” for their first time, one thought may immediately come to mind: is this really Chastity Brown? Yes, the songwriter is back, but in a much different capacity, expanding her sound with a talented band including Robert Mulrennan of No Bird Sing, percussionist Michael X, deVon Gray of Heiruspecs and Jef Sundquist of Hildur Victoria.

Back-Road Highways is a record which conveys an evident journey. It’s the product of two years traveling between Minnesota and Tennessee where the majority of the recording was done, grounded in Brown’s southern roots, and a process which involved dozens of musicians and producers. The result is an album which grandly flows, more of a lyrical poem than 11 separate tracks. It’s Chastity’s ode to life and home.

On this album, she has never sounded more confident. In her interview with David Campbell for The Local Show, she discusses harnessing some leadership with her band. There’s a certain amount of trust and support from each member which necessarily comes out of that reassessment, something we saw visibly during their session at the station.

Download “After You” from our Song of the Day page and subscribe to the podcast while you’re at it. Chastity Brown will be the in-studio guest on The Local Show starting at 6 p.m. CST this Sunday night.