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Song of the Day: Dial-Up

Landline is the debut album from Minneapolis trio Dial-Up, recorded at the influential Dub Narcotics studio in Olympia, Washington. To many, that may not mean anything, but being able to grab that space is quite the achievement for a band. Its history alone is worth exploring: owned by Calvin Johnson, it has hosted a slew of K Records’ most seminal artists including Kimya Dawson, The Blow and The Microphones as well as acts who moved on to major labels like Modest Mouse and Beck.

Dial-Up has now joined the ranks of those musicians who have contributed to the long history of the studio. Known for experimental albums often rooted in a certain Pacific Northwest asthetic, K Records seems like a perfect inspiration for Dial-Up’s new release, a collection of songs that veer wildly between styles. Andrew Jansen (also of local act Crimes) describes this sound as slant-pop, a self-prescribed genre which makes a lot of sense. It’s pop music at heart with additional effects in tow which push it into the non-traditional territory.

Things look promising for the group this year and the buzz is slowly building around them. Landline will be available April 21 via their Bandcamp.

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