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Friday Five: The Twins get a new anthem, Observer Drift and Franz Diego drop new videos, and more

The Current offices seem to get a little giddy around this time every Friday, and today is no exception. With Thomas Dolby coming into the studio, new summer festivals being announced every day, and the weekend just around the bend, we can barely contain ourselves here in cubeland. In honor of this antsy almost-summer spirit, here’s a collection of bright and shiny new local music videos and notes from the scene:

1. The Twins get a new anthem in time for opening day

Local arts writer and Salon Saloon host Andy Sturdevant has penned a new song for the Twins, and he got a slew of Minnesota baseball fans to sing along in a charming new video. Think the tune has what it takes to catch on with the masses?


2. Observer Drift unveils first video

If you’re a fan of the Local Show or our Local Current stream, you’ve likely heard us spinning tracks off Observer Drift’s full-length debut, Corridors. This week, the 20-year-old musician behind the project, Collin Ward, unveiled his first music video directed by Marc Spielman. Check it out below.


3. Franz Diego shows us his ride

Just in time for #30daysofbiking, rapper Franz Diego has dropped a sunny new video for his “Bike Song.” Makes me want to get outside…


4. L’Assassins zap lumberjacks in debut video

New lo-fi rockabilly band L’Assassins just put out their debut EP, and Tea Ann Simpson’s fierce Karen O snarl and her backing band’s fiery riffs have been on repeat in my CD player all week. You can catch the group on the Local Show coming up on April 29, when they will be my guests on an all-girl episode we’re producing in advance of the Girls Got Rhythm fest, and see ’em in action in the music video below.


5. Chastity Brown, Chris Koza, Gabe Douglas and more rally for marriage equality

A selection of prominent Minnesota musicians will gather at the Varsity Theater next Thursday, April 12 for “Artists Against the Marriage Amendment,” which will feature performances from Chris Koza, Gabe Douglas of the 4onthefloor, Alison Scott, Joe Horton, Chastity Brown, and more. Info here. To get ready, check out Chastity’s recent in-studio performance of the song “After You,” which was recorded for our Local Show.