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Local Radar: Bloodnstuff, I Self Devine and more

A weekly feature on the blog will be a highlight of bands that the local team at The Current is spinning heavily at their desks. You’ll be able to preview a track from each as well as hear them on The Local Show and Local Current.

John Mark Nelson
However trite of a comparison this may be, John Mark Nelson is much like a young Bon Iver. And I mean young — the guy is just now heading off to college and his songs sound like he has a decade under his belt. The debut record Still Here is wholly captivating, a mature exploration of themes which Nelson describes on his Bandcamp in the following way:

“The reason these songs are out now is because I am sick of them. I am sick of what they remind me of and the way I was when they came into existence. Sometimes the only way to move on from something is to give it a proper burial.”

Each of the 11 tracks are rooted in some sort of nostalgia and loss. The compositions are layered to point where they exude chamber pop. It’s fitting sound that represents much of the action the I-94 corridor has scene musically in the past few years. But John Mark Nelson’s work is on a plane all its own — for someone to be so young with this much talent… it shouldn’t go overlooked.

Stream: John Mark Nelson – “In Your Sailboat” from Still Here out now


These guys just sold out the Triple Rock for their release show, no doubt propelled by Best New Bands buzz and a string of high-profile local dates since January (and even more lined up this summer). It’s bombastic rock and sonically massive for just two people on a stage. “Give Me A Call,” the opening track on their debut is an immediate hook which you may find yourself hitting repeat on for a few days like I have. Sometimes you hear an album and calculate the time it will take for mass appeal to strike and for people to collectively lose their heads. That time is surely on its way for Bloodnstuff. They’ll be the in-studio guest on The Local Show on May 13 alongside MaLLy.

Stream: Bloodnstuff – “Give Me A Call” from Bloodnstuff out now

Candy Breaks
This band was featured a few weeks back mostly for the purpose of asking the world who they were and if anyone had any information. Well, I found the Facebook page and a Tumblr has also sprung up, mostly with vintage photos and one-off single streams. Jordan Bleau has constructed another great pop tune in “Everyday Dreamz,” lo-fi, slightly out of tune and straight out of the California surf rock canon (all things I love). He also has a band backing him up now, so I’m curious to see how these songs come to life on a stage.

Read their past feature on the Local Radar.

Stream: Candy Breaks – “Everyday Dreamz”

I Self Devine
Get ready for one of the great local hip-hop albums of the year. Rhymesayers has been on a roll lately, and I’m pretty sure I Self Devine is going to skyrocket to the forefront by the time May rolls around (if it hasn’t already happened). The production is immaculate and the raps are poignant, smart and sharp. I Self Devine will be the in-studio guest on The Local Show on May 6 and will play Soundset on May 27.

Stream: I Self Devine – “The Origin Of Urban Crisis” from The Sound Of Low Class Amerika out on May 8