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Local Radar: Deepest Bison, Hollow Boys and more

Local Radar highlights bands that the local team at The Current is spinning heavily at their desks. You’ll be able to preview a track from each as well as hear them on The Local Show and Local Current.

Deepest Bison
Kyle Imes sent over a CDR with the words “Deepest Bison” and “Western Sweat” written on it — I put it aside, slightly apprehensive to hear what sound those four words would create. I obviously misplaced the one-sheet that accompanied the record (as is routine for my sense my organization), and spent the majority of the next hour feverishly searching the internet for more information, sending Imes three e-mails in the process before I realized that a piece of paper listing all the relevant facts was right next to my arm.

I searched so long because Western Sweat is pretty much a masterpiece. I listened to a track at random — “Whatsit” was the one in particular — and was taken aback by the secure sense of rhythm that Imes had. This record is like Here We Go Magic hooked up with Animal Collective’s Sung Tongs and had a child: confidently executed freak folk that shreds. I could go on and on about this being my favorite local release so far of the year, but I’ll just stop hitting computer keys which type inadequate accolades and let you listen for yourself.

Stream: Deepest Bison – “Whatsit” from Western Sweat out now


Tiny Swimmers
It’s imperative for you to hear “Jimmy Stewart’s Elephant Room,” especially if you’ve been digging that new Black Bananas record or enjoy sludgy rock – this song in particular references toxic waste a few times, so the case for it is definitely made. Here’s my call to action: if you know anything about Tiny Swimmers (because I really like this), e-mail jschober@mpr.org or leave your wisdom in the comments.

Stream: Tiny Swimmers – “Jimmy Stewart’s Elephant Room” from Spurtin’ Spirit out now

Hollow Boys
There’s a new Hollow Boys record! This trio has been kind of criminally overlooked the past year after releasing a hell of a great song called “America Modern.” Then we didn’t get any new material for over six months, presumably because they were busy prepping this gem, an eight-song EP that comes in preparation for a full-length debut at some point. Ali Jafaar, Monica Coleslaw and Liz Elton (who play in a variety of other local bands including Teenage Strangler, Hyperslob and Kitten Forever) are just really good at creating a traditional rock melody and deconstructing it over and over again to create something which sounds incredibly fresh. Coupled with the recording of this EP in an attic, adding a grungy, lo-fi flair, Hollow Boys have never sounded better. The release show for this one is April 21 at the Hexagon with Nice Purse, OAKS, and Hyperslob.

Stream: Hollow Boys – “Future” from When You Think Of Us, Pray For Us out April 21


I thought this was a Broken Social Scene song at first, something frontman Corey Lawson was trying to emulate when he and his band recorded “It’s Gotta Be Hell.” The Kevin Drew croon is there which comes off refreshing rather than overly-sentimental and proves he is definitely one of our more talented vocalists. It’s a cut from newest The Thoughts EP produced and performed entirely by Lawson. He’s also worked with Xavier Marquis who creates some of the most vivid hip-hop in the Twin Cities right now. In fact, many of the live musicians that appear between Lawson’s and Marquis’ projects play in other acts, giving further clout to the BSS argument, and it should be interesting to hear what everyone comes up with next.

Stream: Munqs – “It’s Gotta Be Hell” from The Thoughts EP out now