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Song of the Day: Bloodnstuff

One of the most promising bands in the Twin Cities right now is Bloodnstuff, riding a wave of accolades that extend from City Pages’ Best Rock Band award a few days ago to an abundance of positive reviews on their live shows. The two-piece is made up of guitarist Ed Holmberg and drummer Dylan Gouret, and they make a sound so expansive that it’s difficult not to be dumbfounded when realizing the size of the act.

“Give Me A Call” is a solid way to start their debut, self-titled record. With a driving rhythm section and a guitar that steadily breaks through the haze, the track’s instrumentation propels itself into Holmberg’s singing almost a minute in and never lets up. When you listen to this song without a sequencing context, you would think it a perfect closer. After all, if the energy is this high, it’s got to be concluding something right?

Nope. Instead, Bloodnstuff offers this just as a preview of what’s to come. The album continues to grow and exceed expectations, creating a sense of breathlessness in the listener that I’m sure is matched on stage.

Bloodnstuff will be the in-studio guests on The Local Show Sunday, May 13 from 6-8 p.m. Download “Give Me A Call” from our Song of the Day page and subscribe to the podcast while you’re at it.