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Song of the Day: L’Assassins

When L’Assassins performs live, you forget that this is 2012. Instead, the four-piece transports people back to the B-movie era, complete with the characteristic leather and stripes aesthetic. It’s visible in their video for “Gonna Git That Man,” and while that’s their shtick, it doesn’t feel exaggerated or hackneyed.

They are at once a historical documentation of the oft-overlooked girl garage rock movement of the ‘60s and yet still fresh in the same beat. We have a tendency in modern times to grasp onto things that exude nostalgia, bringing them back to the forefront and retooling them for the present. Perhaps this is why L’Assassins is beginning to see tremendous success like other bands of this caliber (see: Dum Dum Girls), but they’re also just purely talented. Tea, Monet, Angela and Ariel interact with ease, supplying each other with a stream of energy that doesn’t let up until the last note. The strong command of each of those instruments — a classic guitar, bass, drumkit and vocal layout — is the result of studying their influences like the great Pleasure Seekers, and a reason to see them in a live setting at any costs.

L’Assassins are playing the inaugural Girls Got Rhythm Fest at the Amsterdam on May 11 and 12 alongside Ronnie Spector, The’s, Nikki Corvette, Pierced Arrows and many more. They’ll also be at Memory Lanes tonight with Cat Club and Ross Kleiner & The Thrill.

L’Assassins are the in-studio guest for Sunday night’s all-ladies edition of The Local Show. Andrea Swensson has kicked David Campbell out of the studio for the evening to showcase bands all led by women. Cyn Collins, Ellen Stanley and Dana Raidt will also stop in to talk about the challenges of working in the industry, ways to get involved and advice for girl-bands to get more exposure.

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