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Doomtree returns home

Credit: MPR / Nate Ryan

Hometown heroes Doomtree are finally back on US soil after a two-week stint across seven European countries. We imagine they’re pretty tired — afterall, they also toured North America starting in January. If you haven’t been following the band’s escapades in our backyards or across the Atlantic, they’ve been keeping a unique video tour journal on YouTube.

From the Twin Cities through the deep south at SXSW, to San Francisco, the Pacific Northwest, over to DC, and up through the northeast, the collective has been busy capitalizing on the success of latest record No Kings. We got in touch with Dessa for a little insight on how the journey has been this first half of the year.

“Doomtree has never toured as hard or as long as we did for No Kings. For most of the last three months, we’ve been within shouting distance of one another, sharing bench seats in the tour van, Pricelined hotel beds, microphones, successes, frustrations, pizzas and little bottles of booze. In the pursuit of low-calorie road food (and maybe an endorsement deal), I’ve purchased Subway sandwiches in dollars, Canadian coins, Euros, and pounds on the No Kings tour — it’s been a long one.”

“We’re grown ups now, with some kids and some mortgages and our share of adult obligations. But I think this record proved that our whole endeavor really is workable, long-term. It isn’t the extension of some youthful dream — it can and will grow up with us. And we’re positioned now to contribute on a larger level; people across the country — and even across the ocean — are willing to listen. I’m tired. Like, really tired. But for me, the relative success of No Kings will ultimately be a challenge to produce new work that can warrant and reward the increased attention. Same as it ever was really: do good. Do better.”

– Dessa

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