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Friday Five: Prof gets serious, Howler gets bloody, and The Alrights break up

This week it’s all blood splatters, misery, introspection, and band break-ups. Luckily Mike Dreams is here to pick us up at the end of the Friday Five rundown, because it’s a doozy. Hold on tight!

1. Prof wants to ruin your day

I’ll leave it to Prof to explain this video: “I’ve always had a problem with people labeling me a ‘party rapper’ after seeing my videos for the singles we put out. I do love to have a good time, but those are just the singles. If they would listen through whole albums, they would know I am more than that… This video is up-front and very personal. It’s meant to ruin peoples’ days. CHEERS.”


2. Friends by Fire have some advice for our senators

New wave band Friends by Fire are already back with another EP, Sister Waves, which was produced by Ryan Olcott. Stream it on Bandcamp, and check out the video for first single “Stay Calm Senator” below.


3. The Alrights bid adieu

While in Duluth last weekend covering the Homegrown Music Festival, I had the opportunity to catch the last show ever by The Alrights. The packed room was so appreciative of the band’s decade-long run that the Duluth mayor even jumped on stage to declare it The Alrights Day in his city. RIP Alrights! Before you shed too many tears, though, know that bandleader and songwriter Toby Thomas Churchill is soldiering on alone, and is even playing in town tomorrow night at Dylan Hicks’ album-release show at the Bryant-Lake Bowl. It’s all going to be ok.


4. Howler are bloody famous

Jordan Gatesmith got his Zombie Pub Crawl on early this year for the bloody new video “This One’s Different,” which already has about 80K views in its first week on Vevo. Woah dudes. Blood sells.


5. Mike Dreams wakes up

I’ve always found something uplifting about Mike Dreams’ beats and verses, and this new track is no exception. Get to know the inspiring local rapper in this day-in-the-life style music video for new single “We the Ones,” which is off his forthcoming full-length Millenial.