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Friday Five: Retribution Gospel Choir flashback, Communist Daughter emerge from the vault

Who’s ready to get outside and start soaking in some summer tunes? Here’s a handful of new videos and notes to get your Memorial Day Weekend started out right…

1. Retribution Gospel Choir have an ’80s flashback

In their new video for “Maharisha,” Duluth power trio Retribution Gospel Choir look like they are straight out of a cable access show from the ’80s. Also! They are playing a Tuesday night residency at the Turf Club next month with Dead Man Winter, something I forgot about and just got excited for all over again today.

2. Communist Daughter unearth video for “Soundtrack to the End”

“This is a video that was supposed to come out a long time ago that got caught up in the mess…” writes Communist Daughter frontman Johnny Solomon, whose band has gone through a few different management changes since the release of their 2010 debut Soundtrack to the End. With a new EP on the way and the band starting to push their songs out nationally, they’re finally releasing this music video from the vault.


3. The Hypstrz get the band back together

One of the big local music happenings this week is the reunion of the Hypstrz, who will be performing this Sunday night at the Memory Lanes Block Party. For more on the group, listen to the full session they recently recorded for our Local Show with David Campbell.


4. Heliotrope 9 now underway

The latest installment of the Heliotrope festival, which is being held at the Lab Theater in Minneapolis’s Warehouse District this year, kicked off last night and will run through tomorrow. Tonight’s lineup is headlined by Heliotrope regulars International Novelty Gamelan. Sample some of their vibes below.


5. Soundset is upon us

As I mentioned in my post about the new Soundset mixtape by Get Cryphy, part of the appeal of this year’s Soundset lineup is that it includes a hefty portion of up-and-coming Minnesota rappers. One such crew, Audio Perm, was recently profiled by the festival in a little promo video.