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Local Radar: Nallo, Flavor Crystals and North House

Local Radar highlights bands that the local team at The Current is spinning heavily at their desks. You’ll be able to preview a track from each as well as hear them on The Local Show and Local Current.

This is a piece of garage pop perfection, the first single from Nallo’s forthcoming Mechano and The Trees due for release in July. It’s not worth waiting on a write-up for this one; the track whizzes by in two minutes, shredding guitars and vibrant drums in tow, creating a pace so dizzying that it’s impossible for me not to be convulsing in my cubicle. Andrew Ranallo, Ronnie Lee, Pat McCabe and Blake Pederson have a synergy that’s impossible to deny which solidifies even further as the song progresses. Then the thing ends just when you want it to last another five minutes. This band has all the qualities of something that could break out quickly outside of the region, so mark your calendars and catch them before this happens: they play May 31 at the Triple Rock. Until then, they’ll be putting out a new song from the record on their Bandcamp every week until it’s released.

Stream: Nallo – “Different” from Mechano and The Trees out July 10

Flavor Crystals
Impressive developments on the Flavor Crystals front: the shoegaze, neo-psych sounds are back in full force after a five-year break, and the guys haven’t lost their touch. While the style may not have been as popular back when they first started, festivals like Austin Psych Fest are helping to popularize bands invested in reinventing this classic sound, and the accessibility factor is now not an issue. I’m three songs into their forthcoming record Three and believe that this 72-minute piece of work could soundtrack most of my days, not to mention the quasi monsoon season we have endured the past three weeks. Recorded over the span of two years, the material is expansive and indicative of a band’s evolution. Josh Richardson and Nat Stensland aren’t even sure who played some of the parts, but that mystery is what makes this new album so enthralling. It’s out on MPLS LTD on May 15 and is available for pre-order now.

Stream: Flavor Crystals – “Mirror Chop” from Three out May 15

North House
Some of the local team’s favorite music this year has come from musicians still in high-school. John Mark Nelson is my jam; Bomba De Luz is Andrea Swensson’s. Well, here’s another act to add to the pool. North House is Alex Tronson out of St. Louis Park Senior High, about to graduate and turn 18 and unfortunately leaving us for the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire. Trained in piano for most of his life and a practicing drummer, both instruments are at the forefront of his solo project, a minimalist exploration that resembles a less spastic Yppah — it shimmers in a way that exudes spring and summer. “Passing” is the second track off his self-titled EP released just last week.

Stream: North House – “Passing” from North House EP available now