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Friday Five: New Carnage, Soul Asylum, Olsen Twinns

Ok, so let’s get this straight. This year, 4th of July falls smack dab in the middle of a week. So should we celebrate this weekend, or next? Or just stretch it into an entire week-long holiday? Whatever your plan of attack, here are five rock-solid new local tracks to help you wind down your work week and get the holiday started off right.

1. Carnage channels comic book heroes in ‘Respect the Name’ video

Carnage to the rescue! Anything’s possible with Desdamona as your sidekick. The frequent collaborators (who also work together in Ill Chemistry) look pretty wicked in this new comic book-inspired video, which also features cameos from Slug, Prof, and a few other characters from the area.


2. Soul Asylum debut “Gravity” video on Rolling Stone

As they lead up to next month’s CD-release show at First Avenue, Soul Asylum have released a live video for their new single, “Gravity.” The video was just debuted on Rolling Stone’s site today.


3. Bad Bad Hats cover Burt Bacharach

Well, this is charming. Bad Bad Hats, two Macalester students who we previously profiled in the Local Radar, have recorded a sweet little cover of Burt Bacharach’s “Baby, It’s You.” Take it in below.


4. Olsen Twinns debut new track

Meet Mickey Davis, otherwise known as electro artist Olsen Twinns. Davis put out his first EP this past February, and already he has received a bit of national attention for his sampling work — including this piece on Decoder Magazine about his new track, “Window and Wall.” Decoder called the track “dizzying,” which is apt, and the track also showcases Davis’s talent for blending organic elements to create an otherworldy aesthetic.


5. Sean Anonymous preps first solo release

We’re still a week out from Sean Anonymous’s EP-release show, but it never hurts to plan ahead, right? Mark down July 6 and 7 on your calendar, because that’s when the Wide Eyes emcee will break out with his first solo offering, Anonymo, at the Nomad with two back-to-back shows. You can sample the track “Fast Forward” here.