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Friday Five: New Greycoats, Speed’s the Name, Marijuana Deathsquads and more

Rock the Garden isn’t the only thing rocking the Minnesota music scene this weekend. As we wind down our final workday of the week, here’s a handful of the latest local music videos and notes from the scene for your perusal. Crank it up, and enjoy!

1. Greycoats try out time traveling in new “Prometheus, Glow!” video

Not only does this new Greycoats video make me want to go to the State Fair, but it makes me want to GO TO THE FAIR IN THE ’60s. Can someone make that happen? If you like what you hear, you can check out Greycoats live on June 28th at the Kitty Cat Klub with Wishbook and Small Cities.


2. Marijuana Deathsquads get freaky deeky

After some careful consideration, I’d like to award Jason Power (a.k.a. Slapping Purses) the award for creepiest face made in this video, which is a collaboration between Marijuana Deathsquads and video effects maestro Playatta. There were some really, really good attempts made throughout the video, though. MDS play Hell’s Kitchen tonight.


3. Speed’s the Name sneak in some Strangers

A few updates from the Speed’s the Name camp: 1) the band released a new EP, Strangers, last December, which somehow flew under my radar until right now, and 2) one of the songs from the EP, “The River,” sounds righteous in this new video. I love the breakdown of this song, when things get a little beach-y, and estimate that I’ll be listening to it more than a few times this summer.


4. Live from New York, it’s Sarah White

Here’s another jam that slipped past when it first came out: Sarah White, a former Minneapolitan and founding member of Black Blondie who now lives in New York City, dropped a video for her song Limitless a few months back. It’s a track off her 2011 full-length, Space Madness, which you can stream here.


5. Against Me! and Joan Jett cover the Replacements

For those who haven’t been following this story, Against Me! bandleader Tom Gabel recently came out as transgendered and announced she’d be taking steps to medically transition to a woman. Gabel made her debut with her new name, Laura Jane Grace, this week in New York City, and that performance included a poignant and spot-on cover of the Replacements’ “Androgynous,” complete with guest vocals by Joan Jett. What a way to make history.