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Song of the Day: Hollow Boys

The trio behind Hollow Boys – Ali, Monica and Liz – seem to know exactly what each other wants. Dark lyrics, hazy reverb and yet a hint of sunshine pop, as David Campbell would put it. Their songs invoke two feelings at once: sinister introspection, and layers that transform into an impression of hope and redemption. There aren’t many bands that can make words like these sound like new beginnings.

Hollow Boys are still relatively new, but they’ve been working hard on refining their craft and image. There’s very much a mysterious aura around the three musicians, the result of live shows that don’t come as frequently as people might like. Not to mention their releases haven’t been the easiest to get a hold of (cassettes in this town are gaining a more enthusiastic fanbase, though).

But as the band has started to gather more and more press, there really isn’t a need for Hollow Boys to confine to any standard. They make the music they want and they promote it how they want. It seems like a generally stress-free affair.

The new mini-LP of sorts, “When You Think of Us, Pray For Us,” has a happenstance title. The message was inside a card that fell out of one of Ali’s records, and it solidifies the natural manner in which this band has come together. We’re looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Hollow Boys plays June 20 with Nice Purse, Orca Team and the Miami Dolphins at the Turf Club.

Download “Lovers Rock” from our Song of the Day page and subscribe to the podcast while you’re at it. Hollow Boys will be our in-studio guest on The Local Show this Sunday night, June 10 from 6-8 p.m.