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Vega Productions to unveil Beatles-inspired mural in Saint Paul

Credit: Photo by Amber Johnson

Vega Productions’ Minnesota Beatle Project series has rapidly become one of The Current’s (and our listeners’) favorite local music institutions over the course of its relatively short existence. Now, Vega Productions has collaborated with artist Sherri Faye on the creation of a 1700 square-foot mural called “ART & MUSIC — ACROSS THE UNIVERSE Begins Here.” Faye worked on the mural in close collaboration with her youngest daughter Staci Faye Caldow, who is an artist as well and contributed half of the mural’s artwork. The mural, located at Four Seasons A+ Arts Magnet School in Saint Paul, will be unveiled there on June 7th at 5 p.m. in an event featuring live music from the Teddy Holidays, words from the mural artists and school staff and food provided by local food trucks.

“This mural project, like The Beatles themselves, closes generational and cultural gaps and it is our intention that it will enhance music and arts education at Four Seasons Elementary so students can continue to learn and be inspired to develop their artistic talents,” says Vega Productions’ Mark Gehring. Reflecting on her inspirations for the mural, Sherri Faye adds, “I love art, I love music, I love the Beatles, and I love encouraging creativity in children. I have always wanted to do a mural based on the very visual lyrics from ‘Across the Universe’ as well as create a mural with multi-generational/student involvement.”

Click the image below to check out a video about the making of the mural:

 Video by Amber Johnson