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Friday Five: The Whirligigs reunite, some new faces, and more!

‘Sup, Twin Citizens? It’s sort of (still?) 4th of July weekend, and in addition to some relief from this week’s heat wave, the next few days are shaping up to offer tons shows and other fun events. Andrea’s on vacation at the moment, but no worries — I stepped in to round up a bunch of great local music videos for your perusal as we head into another eventful summer weekend.

1. The Whirligigs reunite!

Local power-poppers the Whirligigs had a short-lived career back in the ’90s, releasing casettes and 7-inches and playing shows between 1991 and 1995. Last week, the band released Last Call, an album featuring all of their old tape tunes (remastered in a process that apparently included baking the casettes in an oven) plus a slew of extras, available digitally and on CD and vinyl. They’re also due to play a show Saturday night at the Turf Club. Singer Eric Kassel’s answers some questions about the reunion in the video below.

2. Free Energy perform an acoustic session

Free Energy aren’t technically a local band — but in the same way that the Hold Steady aren’t technically a local band. Purveyors of awesomely infectious power-pop, the Philadelphia-based indie quintet has roots in the beloved, sadly defunct ’00s Minneapolis indie band Hockey Night (and as a Philly transplant to the Twin Cities myself, I’ve always felt a special connection to them). Here’s a video the band recently shot featuring a stripped-down performance of their tune “Hold You Close”.

3. Dan Hylton releases “Boy” video

North Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter Dan Hylton is a new face for us at Local Current, but his song “Boy” makes an indelible mark. Inspired by the shock of Hylton’s post-college-graduation move to Minneapolis, the gently rocking tune balances quirky humor, clever slice-of-live observations and raw emotion. Watch for his first solo studio EP, The Secret of HIM, to drop on August 4.

4. Herschel introduces himself

We haven’t heard much from Twin Cities hip-hop scene newcomer Herschel yet, but this beautifully shot video gives us a primer on his eclectic sound, his fascinating personal background and his love for the Twin Cities’ diverse and innovative musical legacy. The song snippets featured here showcase a blend of caribbean and latin styles, hip-hop, inventive club-ready electro, R&B and more.

5. City of Music spotlights Frankie Rose

Pitchfork and MPLS.TV return with another installment of their ongoing City of Music project, this time featuring a performance from the post-punk-inspired Brooklyn rocker Frankie Rose, recorded during her stop in Minneapolis this spring. Check out the playful, creative video, co-directed and edited by beloved local videographer Dan Huiting.