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Local Radar: Robust Worlds, Cjell Cruze and Rupert Angeleyes

Local Radar highlights bands that the local team at The Current is spinning heavily at their desks. You’ll be able to preview a track from each as well as hear them on The Local Show and Local Current.

Robust Worlds
This is a project that’s been stewing for a long while. Since 2010, Robust Worlds has played out sporadically with like-minded acts such as Father You See Queen and Marijuana Deathsquads, rooted in a more atmospheric style. It’s a dreamy world and one that’s inhabited by just one person: Chris Rose, former guitarist for the since disbanded Vampire Hands.

His music sounds much larger than just a solo artist, and a big part of that is because of Neil Weir’s hands at the control board over at Old Blackberry Way studio. We’ve got high hopes for the debut record due out this fall. For one, it’s out on De Stijl Records, and there doesn’t seem to be any better label to do this album justice. Enjoy the first taste with “Best Wishes,” recently released online after a premiere on The Local Show this past Sunday night.

Stream: Robust Worlds – “Best Wishes,” from Emotional Planet

Cjell Cruze
I’ve been waiting for this record to see the light of day after seeing Cjell Cruze’s name on random live bills the past couple of months. It’s a tremendous debut and one that has seemingly appeared out of nowhere. “Train Song” is tinged in lo-fi Americana and there’s harmonies that sound straight out of the rainy Pacific Northwest.

It recalls Vashti Bunyan’s song of the same name — they’re much in the same vein, evoking a familiar sense of travel imagery and that all-to-frequent human crossroads condition. And while that could sound heavy, Cjell Cruze instead chooses to mosey along with a gentle disposition — everything’s gonna be alright and we’re gonna find our way. The band is celebrating the release of the record at the Fine Line this Friday, July 20.

Stream: Cjell Cruze – “Train Song,” from The Ropes

Rupert Angeleyes
The third solo release from Rupert Angeleyes sounds like a strange reincarnation of old era Of Montreal. The aesthetic is certainly pinned to a tee and the album title — When The Sangria Dies — is indicative of how this record sounds. You’ve run out of the fruity and potent concoction and your world seems to be melting away. Things are getting weird and your attention to sound is particularly intoxicating. Add in a simple lyric like “Karen, you’re my pokemon” and it feels like you’re sinking into a daze.

That’s a great effect to master, and Rupert Angeleyes, otherwise known as Sleeping In The Aviary member Kyle Sobczak, has spent some time figuring out how to get that feeling to really stick with a listener. The band has a release show for the record at the Hexagon on August 3 with Speed’s The Name, UMAMI and Tickle Torture in support.

Stream: Rupert Angeleyes – “Karen,” from When The Sangria Dies