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Song of the Day: All Eyes

Credit: Photo by Darin Back

It’s commonplace that bands spring into action out of nowhere, often keeping their music more of a secret until the masses start discovering it. With All Eyes, the route was no different, quietly releasing their Shelf Life EP through Bandcamp a few weeks back and confirming a show at the Triple Rock with Halloween, Alaska to test the waters.

There’s not much water that needs to be tested though. The four songs they’ve made available are pristinely produced  and gorgeous constructions that are best described in one of their tags as darkwave. The musicians in this act — Alicia Wiley, Luke Anderson, Jake Hanson, and Joseph Christenson — have all been playing in town for years and seem like a perfect fit for one another. The instrumentation flows and bounces softly between focuses, whether that be the guitars, drums or effects. And most importantly, they give Wiley’s voice a chance to breathe much like Beth Gibbons in Portishead. This is her most impressive experimentation yet; even without seeing her in a live setting, you can feel the vocal confidence exuding above the layers.

The publicity focus has really been kicked up a notch, with intense interest in the community of what’s on the docket in the future. This is easily one of the best debuts of the year, and you should catch them in action soon. All Eyes will be performing with Wolf Lords (Grant Cutler and Aby Wolf) at Icehouse on August 30.

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