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Those Darlins’ guitars stolen after Minneapolis show

It’s a story that’s becoming all too familiar in Minneapolis: Musician plays gig, loads gear into van, goes to sleep, and wakes up empty handed. When it happened to The Current’s own David Campbell last month, there was such an outpouring of support on social media that he actually managed to locate all of his stolen gear. Now Those Darlins are hoping the same luck can help them find two guitars that were stolen Saturday night.

Those Darlins were initially scheduled to come to town last weekend for SoundTown, but after that festival was cancelled they booked a make-up gig at the Cedar Cultural Center Saturday night with fellow SoundTown-displaced acts Best Coast and JEFF the Brotherhood. All was well as the band tweeted they had finished their set and checked into a Holiday Inn. But the next morning, panic set in: “MINNEAPOLIS – OUR VAN WAS ROBBED. HELP!”

The band subsequently tweeted out descriptions of the two missing instruments: A red 2006 Fender Jaguar bass with matching headstock, a Fender Badass II bridge, and a distinctive gash on the upper edge; and a white Richmond guitar with a Seymour Duncan bridge pickup.

Here are photos of the stolen instruments from the manufacturers’ respective sites:

Gimme Noise also has photos of the instruments from Those Darlins’ show at the Cedar on Saturday.

In other Those Darlins news, they just announced they will return to the Cities on November 3 for a show at the Entry with Heavy Cream.