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Friday Five: Brother Ali, Bob Dylan, Bad Plus and more

It’s the B-squad in today’s Friday Five, but there are no second-string players here. Rather, all the new videos to come across my desk this week just so happened to be brought to us by the letter B. Brother Ali and Bob Dylan get bloody, the Bad Plus share details on their new project, and more…

Read on, dear readers, and hope to see some of you out at the fair today!

1. New Bad Plus out September 25

News came this week that avant-jazz trio the Bad Plus have a fresh album coming out next month, and you can hear snippets from the new Made Possible in the trailer below. The video also provides another glimpse at the filmmaking work of Noah Hutton, whose Dave King documentary, King for Two Days, is out September 4 on DVD.


2. Brother Ali makes a bold statement with Mourning 

With a hook like “Murder murder, kill kill kill,” Brother Ali sets a pretty clear expectation for what’s to come in the verses of Mourning in America. So it’s no surprise that things get dark fast in the song’s music video, which acts out some of the strong sociopolitical messages on Ali’s new record. As they say on Law & Order, “viewer discretion is advised.”


3. Bob Dylan has a posse

I’ve watched this one a few times now and I still can’t figure out what it all means. Romance is dead? People just don’t appreciate Benny & Joon-style romances anymore? Bob Dylan’s posse is perhaps the coolest looking posse ever? See for yourself:


4. P.O.S. brings “Bumper” to the Fair

In keeping with the “B” theme, here’s a video of P.O.S. performing his new single, “Bumper,” live at The Current’s State Fair booth. I’m so psyched for his release show, which he just announced will take place October 26 at First Avenue.


5. Let’s all sigh to “Blue”

Here’s a blast from the past. In honor of tonight’s MN Music-on-a-Stick show, let’s sway back and forth in our seats to this oldie: