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Friday Five: Hot Cheetos and Takis, P.O.S., Polica and more

As my pal Barb Abney would say, “There’s SO MUCH GOING ON THIS WEEK!” And this time around it was especially true, as Minnesota music fans were bombarded with high-profile videos at every turn. I picked out my favorite five for you here, and threw in a few bonus links at the end. 

Have a fantastic action-packed weekend, and don’t forget to go outside.

1. Hot Cheetos and Takis

Can we just all pause for a minute and ponder the gloriousness of this video? It’s no wonder it went viral this week (Rolling Stone even reviewed the track — four out of five stars!), given its effortless ability to inspire joy. After approximately 20 views, I’m still trying to figure out if my favorite Y.N.RichKid is the little dude sitting in the basketball hoop or the young lady in a pink shirt rapping “snacks on snacks on snacks.” I’m feeling really good about our future, guys.


2. P.O.S. on City of Music

This week we finally got our first taste of what’s to come from P.O.S. this October, when he will release his long-awaited new full-length We Don’t Even Live Here. Fingers crossed that P.O.S. is planning on performing with the lineup from this video, which features part of Marijuana Deathsquads and DJ Plain Ole Bill, at his release show.


3. Poliça ride the Dark Star

After a pair of high-concept, arty videos, Poliça’s new one for “Dark Star” takes a more straightforward approach, flooding the hoodie-clad band with flashy lights as they do their thing. Is there anyone else out there that dances quite like Channy?


4. The Pines release “All the While”

In addition to headlining last weekend’s Square Lake Festival, the Pines debuted a new video filmed by Minneapolis videographer Jonathan Chapman.


5. Greg Grease shows his Basement Soul

Alicia Steele (a talented vocalist in her own right) hosts a one-woman, laundry-time dance party to the sultry rhythms and rhymes of Greg Grease in this excellent new video, which just dropped this week. You can grab a free download of the track here.


Bonus: As I mentioned at the top of the post, this week was chock-full of video releases, so here are a few extras to check out: New from rapper Sean Anonymous, “Hot to Death”; a catchy alt-country rock tune from High on Stress, “Here is Your Smoking Gune”; and the title track from Sleep Study’s new record, Nothing Can Destroy, which drops tonight at the 7th St. Entry.

And for more on what’s happening this weekend, check the Local Gig List.