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Local Radar: Leisure Birds, Deepest Bison and Pony Trash

Local Radar highlights bands that the local team at The Current is spinning heavily at their desks. You’ll be able to preview a track from each as well as hear them on The Local Show and Local Current.

Leisure Birds
The Moon Glyph label might have just made their move to Oakland (we miss you), but the Minnesota-centric releases haven’t stopped. The next in label head Steve Rosborough’s impressive catalogue is another blissed out affair from psych-rockers Leisure Birds. Globe Master is different than anything these guys have done, a remarkable progression from one-off single “Burn The Beach,” the Regolith rocker that got them some of their initial and well-deserved attention.

“Egyptian Ring” is the standout on their newest effort, one which really pops through the eerie haze that most of this concept record explores. As has been the case with a lot of releases on Moon Glyph, Globe Master might be shelved away for a specific niche audience. In my opinion, that’s really an affront to good music — there are few bands in Minnesota making their trade at what Leisure Birds does. It’s challenging, gorgeously thematic and — to steal a word from the press release — propulsive in a way that gives us a sense of urgency: there is much left to explore.

Stream: Leisure Birds – “Egyptian Ringfrom Globe Master

Deepest Bison

Waking up in the morning to see two new tracks from Deepest Bison is always a good way to start the day. Also known as the solo project of Kyle Imes, his first record Western Sweat quietly hit Bandcamp with no publicity, and it was a collection of songs that matched and sometimes exceeded Here We Go Magic’s trademark frenzy. His current two-track release is a nice progression from what he did before.

“Dirty Apple” is an atmospheric, loud, and feedback-laden arrangement. But it’s the other side of the coin, with “Star Molested,” that furthers a genre which I’ve described to myself as space-folk. Hard to imagine, right? Blippy effects break through his finger-picking to remind us that this sound is definitely different than what we might be used to hearing. It also cements Imes as one of the Twin Cities’ most impressive guitar players. I’m still surprised people aren’t asking this guy to gig with them.

Stream: Deepest Bison – “Star Molested”

Pony Trash

Pony Trash is a new band featuring members from The Chambermaids, Vampire Hands, Polica, Heavy Deeds, Private Dancer, and Gospel Gossip (now that is a local supergroup). None of the members’ talents get lost in the mix though — these arrangements are bright forays into ‘60s dream-pop and every part is accounted for. Each instrument is a layer onto another and, well… instrumental in making this a solid nostalgia-inducer.

“Down To The River” is our second taste from their forthcoming self-titled EP. No release date or show set just yet, but they’ll be unleashing stream-only versions of each song on their Bandcamp in the coming days. While lead track “Submarine” was a lo-fi, slow burner, this new one kicks it up a level and gives a good indication of how the rest of the release will build itself out.

Stream: Pony Trash – “Down To The River” from their self-titled EP