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Now, Now, up close and personal

Typically, I save all the best videos I find each week for the Friday Five roundup, but this one was too stunning to sit on. Now, Now — whose latest album Threads is easily a front-runner in the best albums released in Minnesota this year — were filmed looking out over the downtown Austin, Texas landscape in the city’s Graffiti Park last March during SXSW, and NPR has just released the results of their shoot.

The high-def video came complete with a flattering writeup of the young band, and I especially appreciated this line by Daoud Tyler-Ameen: “Now, Now’s three members — Dalager, guitarist Jess Abbott and drummer Bradley Hale — are small in stature, but they think in widescreen.”

The video provides an incredibly up-close glimpse at the trio, and somehow feels more intimate than if you were sitting next to them watching them perform. How did they do that?