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Premiere: New Paper Tiger video, ‘The Fortunate Wayfarer’

Credit: Publicity photo

Though Doomtree have certainly stayed busy this summer, playing everywhere from Rock the Garden to Lollapalooza and back, it’s been a spell since they’ve issued any new releases.

But things are about to get real: With P.O.S.’s massive new full-length We Don’t Even Live Here coming this October, Mike Mictlan debuting new material off a forthcoming EP at Icehouse this Thursday, and New York City-based producer Paper Tiger dropping a fresh instrumental EP today, this fall is going to be filled with all kinds of new work from the crew.

To celebrate the release of his Summer EP today, Paper Tiger shipped over a brand-new video for the track “The Fortunate Wayfarer.” If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to suddenly have feelings for a small, ambulatory boombox that finally gets to go to the carnival — well, you’d better just press play below.

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