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Song of the Day: Cjell Cruze

There are some songs that you just know people are going to respond to well. Considering Minnesota’s historical penchant for folk and country, Cjell Cruze practically had it made for themselves ahead of time. Their debut The Ropes is a lo-fi dive into these styles and the result of a unique recording experiment done almost entirely in their living room, and a learning process in the same breath; some of these guys had never even played their instruments before.

When you hear “Train Song,” there is a slight, lilting uncertainty in the air. They know what they are saying, the words are strong. But will anyone else get it? The answer is a resounding “Yes,” as response to this track from listeners has been extremely positive. The local team is impressed with this quartet of mid-20s lifelong friends, and they will be playing only their fourth show ever next week.

Cjell Cruze will be at the 7th St. Entry on Wednesday, August 15 with Portage and The Brilliant Beast. Andrea Swensson also did an introductory profile on the act on the blog. And their debut album is available now on Bandcamp.

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