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Song of the Day: Homeless

We wrote about Homeless on a past Local Radar when “Get Gone” had just been released. It was a random internet stumble-upon, and I had never heard anything from Ryan Kopperud’s project before. His verses on this track contain some of the strongest and biting words in local hip-hop in some time, and it didn’t take long to come to this realization.

Kopperud is making a point about an increasingly disenchanted society, but the content isn’t so rough and tumble that you feel like the artist is more concerned with being controversial than actually creating a good song with merit. This is a fresh take on a subject that has become more prevalent to dissect, and the back-and-forth interchanges between the two musicians is a coupling which I hope we can hear more often. And we can’t forget that the beats should be credited to the ever-more omnipresent Big Cats! who has been producing some great releases as of late.

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