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Song of the Day: Leisure Birds

Leisure Birds have been off the circuit for a little while — the last thing we really heard was their contribution to Moon Glyph’s awesome (and long sold out) Regolith compilation back from 2010. At that time, their sound was a little more beach rockabilly. The obvious psych overtones were there, but it was a more basic sounding affair, and a good one at that.

Cue the long-awaited release of Globe Master, a tripped out collection of nine songs which don’t skimp on the reverb. It’s a concept album which chronicles some otherworldly entities’ travels to Earth from the outermost dimensions of the universe. Hard to comprehend on a narrative level, but these songs are engrossing pieces of work which seem to stay true to their story.

“Egyptian Ring” is the most upbeat of the group with an obvious Middle Eastern flair given the title. The propulsive rhythm is what makes this song, a jam that gets the shoulders moving more than the whole body.  It’s a track that remains cool and collected without unnecessary flourishes. Between this, Food Pyramid and Flavor Crystals, it’s been one heck of a year for Twin Cities pysch rock.

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